♥ Are you Elizabeth or Louise? ♥

The idea for our beautiful little boutique came about in 2015. We were sat at our parents putting the world to rights and talking about the jobs which we were doing, or were not doing in my case (Hannah). Strangely enough, I had a job interview looming the following day and it is safe to say, I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. Our conversation took a turn onto dream jobs, ‘if you could do anything, what would you do?’ The obvious answer for myself was ‘work in Disneyland’, because who doesn’t want to dance around all day and dress up like a princess? Hollie on the other hand, was slightly more realistic and said she would just love to work for herself and help people. The idea of working for ourselves suddenly became all we could think about.

Could WE really be ‘Boss Ladies?’ What could we do? Could we set something up? Before we knew it, the idea a bridal shop was being thrown around. Having both previously worked in bridal, we agreed how amazing it would be, helping people once again to choose their dream dress for their big day, but this time being able to put our own spin on things. Now, all of this was just talk and laughter until our parents, who are firm believers of ‘if you don’t try, you’ll never know’, piped up, ‘well you better get your research done and get going’!

The rest is literally a blur. Before we knew it, we found ourselves at The Harrogate Bridal Show picking out the most beautiful of dresses and having an absolute ball. We didn’t have a premises or even a name at this point but everything seemed to fall into place. It was just meant to be! On the journey home from Harrogate we began to think about a name; ‘Dymonds of Chester, Hannah and Hollie Bridal, Sister Bridal’ – trust me, the list went on and on. We thought about the films we loved that had bridal shops/wedding scenes in, and there is was………we both knew exactly the inspiration, the film, the name…..The Parent Trap, our favourite childhood film, our favourite scene. Hallie accompanies her Mum, Elizabeth James, to her dream Bridal Boutique for a photo shoot. Elizabeth James. The suggestions stopped there, the name was set in our minds and before we knew it, it was there above the window of number 8 Rufus Court.

Our journey of ‘Elizabeth Louise Bridal’ has been an absolute whirlwind. A childhood dream come true. Following the reference to Disneyland previously, it only seems right to finish with this, a quote which fits our journey to a T.

“All you need is Faith, Love and a Little Pixie Dust” – Peter Pan ♥

With Love, Elizabeth Louise x

P.S If you follow us on instagram or social media and have watched any of our videos you will most likely have heard ‘Jakaranda- Never let you go’ being played a heck of a lot. Hopefully now the obsession will make sense!